Gathering facilitators

Anneli Twan


 The  Salal is home to Anneli Twan, who took over the conservation of the  Twan Reiki Lineage when her mother Wanja Twan retired in 2010.  She is  actively preserving the simple way that Hawayo Takata and her mother,  Wanja Twan, have practised and taught Reiki. Anneli has been a Reiki  Master since 1984 and has students throughout North America and Europe.  Anneli is also an experienced weaver, trained in the Swedish tradition  by her mother. 

Don Beacham


 The  sweat lodge and the drumming circle ceremonies are presided over by Don  Beacham, who belongs to the Norway House First Nation in Northern  Manitoba. Don is of Cree descent  and has followed Native Spirituality  since 1984. Don’s Cree name is Wapun Muskwa (White Bear), a  name he received in a Shaking Tent ceremony. Don is a Pipe Carrier and a  Sweat Lodge-Man, earning the right to conduct sacred ceremonies over  thirty years ago. He is honoured to share these ancient teachings and  has conducted sacred ceremonies in Canada, Finland, Germany, Sweden and  the UK.  



 Sanjiv's  quest for knowledge is leading him to unusual terrains, combining  traditional and modern systems of knowledge. The deep vibrations and  resonance of an ancient meditation bowl is one of his more recent tools  used for understanding singularity.