At  this point, we are only entertaining group enquiries. If you are a  leader/facilitator of a group of 6 to 12 people, you can choose from one  of the four packages below. Alternatively, contact us to customize a gathering event for  you.

The  Salal regularly hosts  four-day gatherings (info below), periodic weekend gathering events (Packages A &B), as well  as customized packages of various lengths for groups. 

Gathering events

Four-Day Gathering


The  core activities of this gathering event include Drumming  Circles, Sweat Lodge, introduction to Reiki, Labyrinth-walk, guided  sound-meditation, and Ayurvedic cooking class.  

Weekend Drumming Gathering


Introduction to Indigenous Spirituality: Like indigenous communities around the world, the First Nations of  North America have a unique philosophical basis which is exemplified in  everyday life, cultural expressions, and sacred ceremonies. The  indigenous concept of personhood includes the notion of relationships  with the self, others, and the natural world. Indigenous knowledge  systems have thus informed ways of being, and well-being, since before  the time of colonization. As well as informing about sustainable ways of  living within our globally connected world, indigenous spirituality  provides an important position from which to develop new ways forward.

During  this gathering, you will attend Drumming Circles and attend a Sweat Lodge  to facilitate a respectful and meaningful understanding and interaction  with Indigenous spirituality.

Offered by Don Beacham (Wapun Muskwa) from Friday to Sunday. Subject to a minimum of 6 people and maximum 12 people attending.

Weekend Reiki Gathering


Reiki Level One: According to the Reiki tradition originating in Japan, we experience  vitality when there is a harmonious exchange of energy and information  between an individual body and its environment. When this energy is  disrupted, weakened or blocked, we may experience symptoms such as  fatigue, unhappiness, and illness. Reiki helps activate the body’s  natural healing abilities by channeling energy into the recipient by  means of subtle touch. Reiki sessions are known to induce peace and  relaxation, which invites increased vitality into all aspects of our  being.

During  this gathering, you will receive Reiki sessions and initiation into Reiki  Level One in the Twan lineage, which will give you the ability to use  Reiki for yourself and others.

Offered by Anneli Twan from Friday to Sunday. Subject to a minimum of 6 people and maximum 12 people attending.

Special Events and Customized Packages


 The  sustainability theme encompasses all our programs for the mind-body  system to nurture our relationship with our physical, social, and the  natural environment. Sustainable living practices also inform the meals  at the Salal (included in the cost) as we source local organic  ingredients as much as possible. Additionally, there are multiple  opportunities in and around the property for walking, hiking, swimming,  and for reflective meditation to connect with our environment in  meaningful ways.