We  are conveniently located within ten minutes of the ferry terminal and  fifteen minutes from Victoria International airport. The picturesque  town of Sidney by the Sea is less than 10 minutes away and Victoria  downtown is a 30 min drive from The Salal.   

Our rural neighbourhood on Vancouver Island is dotted with farm stalls and farmer's markets.   

More information on how to get here and what to bring will be provided with your registration package.



Relax  in the comfort of your private room with a view of the lush greenery  surrounding the property. All rooms have a private bathroom,  wood paneling, and a gas heater for your comfort. We have six rooms with  two single beds in each. 



A ​Blend of Taste and Nourishment 
Breakfast,  lunch, and dinner are provided during the events in the Cantina  (pictured above) and are included in all the gathering events. The  tasteful and healthful meals at the Salal are made with ingredients from  our edible labyrinth and/or sourced from other island  gardeners/farmers. Every effort is made to ensure that our  food is  obtained from organic and ethical sources.

If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know during registration.

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Periodically,  we offer interactive cooking classes inspired by the ancient Indian  tradition of Ayurveda to teach simple recipes to promote a healthy,  balanced, and ecofriendly approach to nourishment . Workshops can be  scheduled upon request.

Indoor Spaces

The Weavery 
The Nest
The Dance Hall
The Foyer

The Outdoors


Soak  in the island's fresh air at our picturesque property. Get together  with other guests to build connections or simply, be. Here are some of  the outdoor options at the Salal: 

Indoor Spaces

The Weavery


Unleash  your unexplored creative talents in this room. Our traditional Swedish  looms are a work of art in themselves. You can learn the basics of  weaving as an option during the full package. Or sign up for a weaving  workshop to create a personal piece of art to bring home. 

The Nest


The  Nest provides additional space for meetings, discussions, or workshops  in a formal and informal setting. Whiteboard, data projector and screen  are available upon request

Or just curl up with a book near the fireplace!

The Foyer


The  bright and inviting foyer of the Salal is for interacting with other  guests, or simply contemplating the day's events on our comfy couches,  with a hot beverage. 

The Dance Hall


An  enticing space for exploring universal rhythms:  dance to awaken joy;  flex your body to the timeless moves of Yoga or Qi-Gong;  explore the  calm through sound-meditation; and experience the blending of musical  and human interaction in the drumming circle.
Or just sit by the fireplace and relax!

The Outdoors

The Edible Labyrinth


Our  labyrinth is filled with a varied selection of fruits, berries,  medicinal herbs, vegetables and other flora. Feast all your senses in  this unique space, while on a contemplative or educational walk. Feel  free to pause for meditation at the centre of the labyrinth. The 1.2 km  labyrinth walk can take from 20 - 40 minutes,  depending on your pace  and desire. 



Hike  or Walk in the Horth Hill Provincial Park in the vicinity of the Salal.  There are lush green walking trails surrounding the property, and ocean  walks nearby. Watch out for the many stately steeds in our  neighbourhood who also frequent these paths. 

The Courtyard


A magical gathering place to reflect and share at the end of the day. Or just relax and enjoy the open fire.