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Who we are?

The  Salal is nestled in the vicinity of a provincial park on Vancouver  Island. Our  guided programs are designed to facilitate a balanced  life, healing and energizing the body and the mind, and for creatively  exploring sustainability on many levels.

Sustainability  for us includes a balance of the ecological, emotional, spiritual, and  the physical. Thus the Salal brings together many of the time-tested  traditions of healing, spiritual guidance, and sustainability from  around the world.

Our  facilitators at the Salal are long-time practitioners of Indigenous  spirituality, Reiki, Yoga and other ancient practices that have been  shown to help modern-day stressed individuals to unwind, engage in  self-exploration, and reconnect with the self and the world in a  nurturing way.  We also partner with local and international  facilitators for workshops to understand, expand, and adopt the concept  of sustainable living practices.

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